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Monday, September 17, 2012


She stood shivering by the tower window. It was raining ice outside. Even wrapped in multiple layers of furs, her bones ached as the cold found its way in.
I called to my Duchess, but her mind was caught between heaven's tears as they fell dark and cold upon the earth. Lost in the early storms of December, she isolated herself from her Duke and the world.
Rising from my pile of elkskins and leaving the warmth of the fireplace, I entered the cold veil of winter in which she stood. It was then that I first saw the glint of a tear in her eyes that I grew so accustomed to through the years. I did not understand then, nor do I to this day. She whispered to me, "I have waited so long for you, for this moment, for our love to be one. But now I am so afraid. I am so scarred that I am cold and feel so alone. I am afraid to give in to love." Failing to understand any woman's reasons, I asked, "Why? We are here, together, in love." She gazed into my essence and said, "No one has ever loved me like you. When you look at me, I can feel the love bleeding from your eyes into my soul." To that, all I could say is, "That is what being ONE with another is. That is trust. That is truth. That is love." She smiled that little smile and reached out for me. I moved in closer and wrapped her in the folds of my heart's unending love for her soul. We stood for hours, just being one. I forgot where I ended and she began. We were complete.

© Nov 18, 1978 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
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 NOTE: I wrote this in Jr High school while living in Red Mesa, Arizona. Nothing but sand, wind, rain, and books to keep me sane. My imagination seeded and started growing like Jack's beanstalks. This seemed more like a memory than a thought. I had yet to read any fantasy books. To this point all I had really read was Hardy Boys, Comic Books, & Mercer Mayer. Was this a random thought or a memory from the past? Who knows?

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