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Thursday, September 20, 2012

random thoughts

Our passion is part of who we are. It makes us who we are, it drives us to our destiny, it satisfies us in ways nothing else can. Embrace it and live it. Run with your passion. Any part of you that you hold back is hindering your growth...

BE AUTHENTIC: Be who you are 100%, all of the time. Don't wear masks to attract someone. One day you'll slip and forget the mask. Nor should you wear a mask to "save someone's feelings." In both cases, you have lied to the other person. You have not presented the true you. How many lies or more illusions will be need to cover up the first? How long will you remember the original falsification? Hmmmm?
You can be quietly vigilant and comfort, but you should never whisper deception in another's ear to appease.
The more you practice authenticity, the more genuine you will become. Today is a great starting point.

A corrected mistake is a lesson, an ignored mistake a burden. ~DBC 2011

I had a goat and the goat-getter came.
The goat-getter got my goat and I ain't the same.

I gotta get my goat back by tomorrow noon.
I've given to the goat-getter too darn soon!

DBC 2011

Once my pen is upright, it tends to dance for hours on end. It dips, sways, turns, and bows and leaves ink shadows of where it has been. Always lovingly embraced by my fingers, the pen waltzes slowly and elegantly across the parchment stage. Creating a new story every time the music begins. ~ DBC 2011

The heaviest thing in the world is an empty heart. Don't let it be an anchor. Fill your heart with love. Let your friends reside in your heart. The best ointment for a wounded heart is a friend's love. Let you heart echo loudly with life, laughter, and love.

An easy ride makes for a boring ride.The great things in life are worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for. I am worth fighting for. We are worth fighting for. We are enough!

I love you. To depths I can not fathom, but will swim the endless seas of love. To heights I may never reach, but I will soar in search of the highest peak. I will love without boundaries. I will be engulfed in your expanse and you in mine. We shall create a cyclone like never known to love. It shall carry us away...I am there... May 1, 2011

© May 1,2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

Before you think, don’t look behind…
Love is never where you’d expect it.
It’s usually right in front of you.
Just open you heart, not your eyes.

For the life of a pirate
Three things do make complete.
The list, which is:
Rum, wenches, and riches…
~ DBC 2011

Under the willow tree, in a tiny world of fallen leaves,
Faeries dance and prepare for the feast…
The duchess dons her best shade of violet
Southern winds dance and sing thru the forest,
Fighting to be heard over the pixie crier,
“The Duke is returning from the East,
Festivities shall commence within a fortnight.
The hunt was a success, the fox has been snared.
The coffers have been replenished. Hallelujah!
The prophecy has been fulfilled.”

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