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Thursday, September 13, 2012

JE L'AY EMPRINS (I Have Dared)

I’ve stood at the edge and shook a fist at the gods.
Danced with a queen across oceans of dreams.
Cast my pearls before the swine of mankind
Gave into temptation when Eve offered it all…

I’ve caught my tears in the midst of a storm
Counted each one as it fell in the sea
Stole a silver spoon from the palace of lies
And tried to part the warm waters of Fall…

I’ve cloaked myself in the robes of pain
Drank deep from the cup of affection
Offered my soul to the highest bidder
Then laughed when their love turned to dust…

I’ve hid between the shadows and light
Found comfort among the mysteries of old
Listened to wise men and laughed with fools
Watched a rich man’s gold fall to rust…

I have lived, I have died
I have loved, I have lost
I have possessed and forgotten...
But most of all…
                           …I have dared!

© Sept 13, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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