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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I stayed, hoping to find what we lost
I misplaced my sense of sanity waiting for you
I gave you all you wanted, but it was never enough
You pretended to be someone else for oh so long…

Now I see a curious mask, not your face, when I gazed in your direction
Thought sleep to be my only refuge, but every night you haunt my dreams
On my way to your heart,
I was stopped by a wall of silence
Then slowly devoured by a chaotic spirit
Your cruelty was not softened by tears...

To how many others have you dangled that cube of sugar?
The cling vines of betrayal climbing and choking
What you left behind is worse than you stole
Waiting on a sentence, for the words to make sense
You choreograph the relationship so well
I entered and exited at your beckon...

Every day I gazed upon a stranger with a familiar face
The emptiness in my life w/o you is near absolute
The coldness of your touch burns thru to my aching bones

I gave up everything to lose everything
I’m standing in the rain to hide my tears
You got good at playing “pretend”
Let me relieve you of your disguise
You changed the facts to fantasy
and the fantasy to torment and chaos....

When I held your hand,
did I ruin your vanity?
When I touched brushed back your hair,
was I taunting vipers?
When I kissed your lips,
was it venom that I tasted?
When I said I loved you,
did it echo from you past?

Do you think I was purified by pain?
I was not...
I was destroyed!
Are you satisfied?
Was I the final chapter?

© Oct 5, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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