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Thursday, September 20, 2012


What's become of the American Dream?
We seem pre-programmed like a damn machine!
Personal freedoms are a bought commodity,
now we gotta pay if we wanna dream.
The working get poorer and the liars get richer,
Sonny's best bet is to become a preacher.
Take a knee before our idols of gold;
for a pile of cash, our birthright is sold.
The Constitution's been rewritten by fools,
they've even rearranged the Golden Rule.
"Before they get you, do unto others,"
scratch my back and I'll stab yours.
Rotted values & morals lay in the streets,
trampled underfoot by the immoral majority.
We dare to call ourselves Americans?
Don't bite, but grease, the suppressing hands.
We must bow before conformity? Not me!
And surrender our individuality! Not me!
It's time to stand and fight back,
get the moral train on track!
No longer tolerate this immorality!
Return Lady Liberty to her feet!

©June 3, 1993 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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