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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Culture shock?

I was in the midst of a conversation with friends scattered around the world; something was dropped in conversation and defenses went up. I think the language barrier blew a fuse at that moment. No lasting harm was done. It was multiple misunderstandings. The difficult thing about electronic conversation is the lack of inflection. Emotions are included in personal understanding where none was conveyed. A word can be interpreted and misinterpreted all within a nano-second. 
 One thing we all need remember up front. We are each from different cultures, countries, and upbringing. Our views and understanding will be a bit different. We are friends and would not purposely offend each other.

Even as strangers, why would we offend one another? Because it has been programmed into us by our leaders. War, politics, religion, etc. divide the common man. We are fighting so the Elite can keep their money safely invested in themselves. Why? Why should I kill a German or Russian because our top shelf belief varies a bit, while our basic lives are similar? Why, in turn, should they kill me? It is not natural that we sit and contemplate killing someone from another country. It IS natural for the Elite to use us as pawns for their game of greed. 

What if they proposed a war and no one showed up? The tanks didn't roll, the guns didn't fire. They wouldn't MAN UP and go to the front lines. Time to shock the Elite culture and cut the puppet strings. 
Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do no harm. Live, laugh, and love...

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