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Thursday, September 20, 2012


The rain was not quite the heavy sound it should have been. It took on the more ethereal quality of tears. I looked above for clouds and saw blue sky. Turning my gaze behind, I saw the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes upon. It was an angel with a broken wing. She was so sad that I had the feeling she might never stop crying. When I asked her what had caused such sorrow, she said, "The mortal that I have loved so long has struck a wound that may never heal. He lashed out and then ran away in misunderstanding. I may never see him again." I was at a loss for words. Someone struck this angel with words of anger and then ran away? What kind of fool could do such a thing? I proposed my question to her. She offered, " A soul that is so injured that it knows nothing but torment. He and I had a destiny and we were afraid. I know that he is sorry, but will never hear the words from his mouth. I believe he is close to self destruction and will never listen to my pleadings. I don't know what to do." What could I say? Her tears became deafening like that of a waterfall. I had to step back  into the shadows and watched her cry, knowing there was nothing I could do...

©Sept 22, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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