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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you surrounded by idiots?

I am not sure what to think on this. I hear so many people rant, "I am surrounded by idiots." My mind always battles with two responses. The first being, "You must enjoy it, you frequent the same places every day." The second thought, "Perhaps it is your charge to awaken the from their stupor and enlighten them." I usually go with the latter and get visual displays of fingers or cuss words offered for audio delight. I smile and walk on and usually hear "idiot" tossed my direction. Ahaha...
It always reminds me of the character that walked into McDonald's and said, "I have been coming here for 15 years and you guys screw up my order every time. You guys are idiots" Wow! Really? 15 years? Hmmmm...
Perhaps the other person has just lost something important to them; a loved one, a keepsake, an important document, etc. Maybe they are just not as knowledgeable as you in a specific area. My mechanic might not be able to talk quantum theory with me, but I am lost when he speaks of the intricacies of a transmission.
My point being, be a leader of fate, not a seeder of hate.

© June 27, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: photos are random internet finds

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Past, Present, and Future

My Muse and the universe whisper the ancient secrets the writers of old left adrift in the great expanse. I hear them beckoning. {{amor est clavis}}}

 {{{a'alatahn sharhaa o'sahnu sai'fhanatah}}}

All the greats that have come before me
have rewritten the boundaries of heaven.
Their words building like storm-clouds in the ethereal
growing heavy with the dew of beauty.
Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" sheds light
Poe's "A Valentine" colors in shadows
Barret-Browning's "How Do I Love Thee" adds depth...

I lift my quill high in hopes of inspiration.
The eddies of past words swirl and swirl
and create a maelstrom of thought.
Letter by letter the rain does fall
and settles into pools of verse.
My contemporaries join me in the dance
under the lightning and thunder.
The present slowly douses
and saturates with literary intoxication
as we offer to the future
our homage to love.

© June 18, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
NOTE: photo is random internet find

Thursday, June 13, 2013


 The nature of evil is to turn a blind eye to other evil and wait in hiding to devour those weakened by hopelessness and fear. Do not stand by blindly and allow such atrocities to occur. Such is the vice of cowards. Be noble and fight for what is right and good. Doing no harm to another, and protecting the weak are traits of the strong. Evil has cast its shadow upon mankind long enough; it is time to chase it back into the shadow so that it may cower in and of its own existence.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


When anything is whole we consider it "in order" or perfect." When this subject is shattered, we claim it "broken" or "chaotic." Whether it is our life, our love, our dreams, or any tangible artifact. So, it stands to reason; enough chaos, overlapped, becomes order. Physics and logic both speak this as truth.
If I offered you ketchup one day, mustard the next, relish the following day, then a bun on the fourth day, and the hotdog on the final would probably be upset because you know the endgame. But each offering is part of the perfect American baseball food. Each challenge you face is part of life's endgame. Perfection is the endgame. We will reach it. Each of us. We will all end up in the great expanse of order as one. So relax and carry on.
Next time you find yourself in a "chaotic" moment, just remember that it is part of the make-up of "order." That is why it is claimed that, "Things happen for a reason." It is the journey toward understanding perfection and entering the realm of immortality. Take it in stride baybeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


As I gaze into your eyes
I see timeless beauty trapped.
They cry out in silence “Love me for me?” 
A tear escapes and slips down your cheek,
Without notice takes a freefall into nothingness.
As it shatters on the silken sheets
I hear a thousand unwhispered sighs
Fill the emptiness between us.

As I reach for your hand,
I sense an urgent hesitation.
Unspoken questions arise, “Are you a dream?”
Being as real as you want me to be
Searching passion for truth
My heart sets the rhythm
Our fingers tango until entangled
In the lover’s seam.

As I touch your lips,
Tasting tears of yearning
I hear you quiet plea, “Is this forever?”
Eternity lives in every clock tick
Forever in every breath.
Come to me, my Muse, my love
We shall together embrace

© May 10, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic


When great minds gather, much will be discussed, debated, and discovered. Many find debates/arguments to be negative conditioning. I believe the opposite. If someone challenges a thought, what do you do? Ignorance will sit there and fume. Wisdom will research and redraw conclusions, either by deepening the expanse of knowledge on said subject, or changing thought patterns all together on the matter. Be a thinker not a stinker.