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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Time is short and the balance upset
The ring of fire is getting tighter
All that was, is, shall be
Soon set aflame to purity.

Night to day, and day to night
The world turned upside-down
Luna meets her Sol
The Fates have fallen silent

Countless words within the void
The once fine line is now a blur
What you see you might not get
What’s in your soul, the story untold.

Are there principles to madness?
All will soon be revealed
The evil embraces its weakness
And the good shall show its edge.

The melting of element has begun
What once was known by many faces
Will soon become single in nature
And fade into the failing mind.

There is a weave of chaos overlapping
If you look deep enough
Ask Fibonacci about the numbers
There is a perfect order to chaos.

Spaces empty but yet full of life
The hawk soars around the moon
Sets in motion the band of fire
And releases of breath of contentment.

The ring is getting tighter
As the days grow shorter
Luna is now ruling the days
As Sol is on the verge of collapse.

©March 17, 2011 DBC ~ Duke of the Arctic

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