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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Standing behind the wheel of my mighty vessel…
Steering her silently thru the sacred waters
Listening for the sweet song of my siren lover
Hoping it will be carried to me upon this evening’s breeze.

Setting sails for the promise of rewritten yesterday…
Moonbeams filter through dragon clouds
The sea, a mirror surface, polished by Luna’s light
Offers a glimpse at the rocky crags ahead

Settling in for a long night of quiet longing…
As the gulls close their eyes and wings
My eyes and ears are on the ready
Hoping her cry will come to me before dawn.

Smelling the brine of the sea mixed with tar and timbers…
As the creaks and moans of my ship
Battle to be heard over the roar of Poseidon
The tempest threatens to roll me under.

Searching the horizon as it slowly pulls down the moon …
Where is the hidden hand that draws
The curtain of the morn’ overhead
And offers sight to this blind sailor?

©July 9, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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