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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Shall I forgive?
Transgressions and faults,
levied against my heart.
Shall I forgive?
Regressions and falls
from any state of grace.
Shall I forgive?
Oppressions and walls
placed long before my start.
Shall I forgive?
Confessions that slip
and falsely hide your face.

Shall I forget?
Concerns of my heart
tied to recurring lies.
Shall I forget?
Returns to the falseness
time after time and again.
Shall I forget?
Wyverns of decay
eating sight from my eyes.
Shall I forget?
Cisterns full of hope
left unwatched and opened?

Do I expect all to forgive
the mistakes I have made?
Do I expect all to forget
the words I have said?

I wander down the corridors of time
and reflect upon my soul.
And relive all the stories
spoken and those untold.

Fore, to give is to get
forgive and forget.
Forgiveness a must
forgetting a rust.

If you want to be free of guilt and pain
release the chain and ball you freely sustain.

©July 31, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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