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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Some say thinking too many things at one time is madness. I seem to have been mad from the onset of life. How can the most powerful object known to man contemplate one idea at a time?  How sad and boring. If my mind has less than 10 thought screaming at once, I feel the need of a stimulant. Most have one or two choices to choose from, I have no less that a dozen at any given time.
I do not conform to one set of standards. I am not a river; but a lake with many tributaries, inbound and outbound. My waters are never calm. They are always churning. Come, have a rest beside me and have your thirst of understanding be quelled. Or quench my desire of understanding you.
I make my own set rules as I pull them from the maelstrom and evaluate them individually. What suits me one day, might be repulsive the next. Ideologies fail to entrap me; I refuse the fetters or blinders of religion. I bow before no conventional or unconventional god. There is one Creator and he resides within me, flows through me, and speaks through me.
Many say this is insanity speaking. If so, I find comfort in my madness, and pray you do as well. I am a writer.

©Jan 24, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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