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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I stand and watch the light fade
as the sun  creeps beyond the horizon.                         (violet)
The emptiness of the coming night
sets upon me the pain of your memory.                         (indigo)
Even tho' it was full of lies and deceit
it was oh so real to me.                                                   (blue)
I gave all I had to give and then some
but you wanted what you never asked.                         (green)
You found another soul to mate with
leaving me to wither like the Autumn grass.                    (yellow)
I stand alone watching the light
as the sun crawls back into sight.                                    (orange)
All that I was, am, or will be,
was set aflame and burned by your betrayal.                 (red)

You turned something beautiful into a pile of ash so you alone can wallow and then rise above  and leave me to die. Empty, alone, abandon on the desolate streets of truthlessness. My remains will be cast to the four winds via the Zephyr, and will be found by someone else, in their pot of gold at the beginning of their rainbow. I regret no rain or sunlight will ever befall your heart again. Only thunderstorms...

©April 19, 2009 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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