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Thursday, September 20, 2012


A vast wasteland cast
Before this humble queen
By day the endless toil
By night an unfulfilled dream
Lost betwixt the Symplegades of love

She’s like a child staring
Into the depth of midnight
But instead of stars she counts
The tear that escape her eyes
Trying to remember what wishes are made of

She spent so long sleeping
With love’s spectre at her shoulder
One day waking to find
The memory lost and colder
Far removed from her first embrace

She rode high her magic carpet
In open skies of emotion
Sol and Luna her strength
Of love and devotion
Now they fail to offer any solace

The cloak she once wore
Offered the warmth of misconception
Wove from a sacred pattern
Of her king’s wicked deception
Sent her hope into a season of blight

Erato whispered in her ear
A song lost in time
Warrior/queen now lives again
And wields her sword of light
In this world of everlasting night

©March 26, 2011 DBC ~ Duke of the Arctic

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