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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Before your inspiration bathed me in a new understanding:
The wind was just moving air, now I see it as the choreographer of dance to the flowers. Not a force that makes the trees bend, but a partner swaying with the giants, an invisible hand caressing the grasses into wave like movement, a spirit bringing your silk hair to life.
The flowers were just eye candy of nature, now I see them as worshipers of your beauty. Bowing before you as you pass…emanating fragrance in your honor…
The butterflies were just another pretty insect, now I see them as faeries that flit around you and wrap you in strand of love and light.
The ocean was just a large body of water; it is now the azure stage over which we dance. I see it now as an aquarium full of life that stares in awe as we waltz thru the night under the watchful gaze of Luna.
The moon is not just a floating rock, but a lover caught in an endless chase trying to reunite with her lover Sol. A never-ending love story…
Before we spoke you were just another mortal soul, and now I see a heart so caring and full of grace that it has the power to be the center of creation and immortality.
Two suns could not equal the love and light you add to my life...

© Sept 27, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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