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Thursday, September 20, 2012


10,000 hoofs dance restlessly as preparations are made...
nostrils flare, eyes white with fear, yet the steeds stand to the ready.

Shields clank on breastplates as the winter air draws vapor from the lungs of the Nordic warriors. The Mount of Love set aglow by M├íni, her beams dancing across the majestically crafted steel blades waiting to find a home deep within the opposing hate. Destruction of lies and deception! Hope will be restored. Pole arms, blades, and hammers to the ready. The chant to Thor begins…{{{boom}}}{{{boom}}}{{{boom}}} “Thor, Thor, mighty Thor, god of Thunder, Oh god of War! Thor, Thor, Mighty Thor! Wash us of pain, Oh god of Rain” {{{boom}}}{{{boom}}}{{{boom}}}!!!

100.000 beasts paw hungrily at the earth...
fed by detestation of humanity, destruction in their black souls...

Gathering, the demons stir in hope of capturing more souls tonight. Destruction of all hope their desire. Humanity will fall. Claws and teeth glisten with hate! The long lost wail of Hel’s chaotic dirge begins…{{{schreel}}}{{{schreel}}}{{{schreel}}} “sreke! sorn! jala! madorn!” {{{schreel}}}{{{schreel}}}{{{schreel}}}!!!

Swirling clouds move in. Thunder resonates and lightening intricately splits the night and brightens the battlefield! {{{rumble}}}{{{crack}}} Thor has heard and answered.

Love and hate collide! Metal armor and blade meets leather skin and claw, anger tears through flesh! Cries and howls intertwine for hours, a vortex of emotions! A cleansing rain washes the cauldron of life/death blood from the valley.The demons and their hate are returned to Hel and chaos. The Valkyries glide. Some warriors will dine in Valhalla this night. Humanity has prevailed again.

©Feb 11, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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