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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Within the cosmic lachrymatory:
a vessel buoyed on the Sea of Sorrow.
Pulling its anchor from day gone past,
setting course for the hope of tomorrow.

Raising the canvas to the winds of fortune,
Sailing on to the rising star…

Riding the breeze to meet the sun,
Beyond the devil and the deep blue sea…
Through the Straits of Consciousness
We enter still waters of serenity.

Forgotten lands of beckoning sands
Border the edge of our infinity.

At the far reaches of the world,
between the mystical book ends
Sits the Book of Eternal Destiny,
where forever conquers all that ends.

The breaking waves of life,
ebb and flow for time to mend.

Written: April 1, 1992 ~ DBC 
©Edited:  Jan 21, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
PHOTO: random internet find

Inspired by a conversation with John P Moore, 2 days of coffee, and endless hours with a thesaurus...

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