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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Welcome to the niche between life's moments...
where everything is nothing, yet
nothing is everything...

Where imagination abides and thrives...
Where you are lead by the heart,
not the eyes and mind.

Blue might be a number
And words a color
No rules exist where love abides.

Traditions are shaken and left at the door…
Bare souls are used to tread through the blooms
Of the flowering seeds left by self & others. 
Welcome to Poet's Corner… this sacred niche is large enough for the biggest
of imaginations but too tiny for smallest of egos.

© Jan 27, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

I wrote this as an introduction upon entering my writing group on FB. Four ladies suggested I start my own school of thought. I did. The name was inspired by a comment made by Jaie Hart. The verse was inspired by Judith Mason, Diana Harmon Garnand, Mihala Liliana Porodici, and Jaie Hart. My four Muses. Though 2 have left my presence, I love them all.  My 4 winds. N,S,E,& W. Each etched into a chamber of my heart.

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