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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Standard course in psychology (the science of excuses for the weak)

I feel the infiltration of my medication
The degradation of all aspiration
They are slowly killing me
Making me a mindless automaton
They are slowly filling me
Full of hate, I’m feeling abandon

Redirect your advice inward, please?
Keep your jacket on and take a seat, now!

They’ve taken my wings, I no longer sing
Filled me with chemical things
Every word and thought now stings.
(They hand me the shovel and point accusingly)
They’ve made a mountain of a molehill
Then gives me a pill
That fulfills their thrill
They kill for a bill.
They are curious b/c I’m serious
My mind so mysterious
It makes them delirious and furious.

Rescind (your rights)
Suspend (your hope)
Defend (your life)
End (your love)
Separate (your will)
Irritate (your mind)
Isolate (your soul)
Desolate (your heart)

Now we cast you back into the world leave you alone…

 ©April 2009 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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