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Thursday, September 20, 2012


When you were dreaming,
did you include the evil in the weave?
While you were soaring,
did you befriend the 4 Winds?
In the life of your fantasies
you must always search the shadows.

Gods of Chaos, tempt your path
Distant rainbows, you'll never touch
they're always just out of reach.

When you stole an angel's wings
did you learn to fly?
When you chased the thunder
did you drown in the rain?
In the trials of your reality
don't retrace your father's footsteps.

Gods of Chaos, lure your soul
You pay homage to the pain,
by taking tears from the rain.

When you were running,
did your demons win the race?
When you were hiding,
did you leave reality's embrace?
Through your times of misery
don't stop to crack the gallows.

Gods of Chaos, torment your mind
New horizon might bring existense
but they never accept your penance.

Written: Feb 23-25, 1992 Donald Byron Cohn 
©Edited Jan 21, 2011 DBC, Duke of the Arctic

Inspired by endless hours of coffee, cigarettes, conversations with John P Moore, and a pile of ole books.

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