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Thursday, September 20, 2012


an ethereal mirror held up to love
is doing little to stem the tide of misunderstanding
that has washed over our hearts.
a retreat from the outside world
seems to be the plan
but it is not the answer.
moral corruption and decay
from lover gone past
were heard in words mispoken.
I tried to keep my silence
in spite of itself
it spoke out of turn.
Confronted with the spectre of
your own impending doom
you sit ready to devour.
Bow before the alter of pure love
feel the wind from the forlorn lost
blow and disappear into the evening.
A whisper of something there
With, but not of memories
a new menatl image to imprint/
Everyone is servant to love
don't let “unbelief” be your scalpel
let forgiveness guide your hand and heart.
You can’t serve two masters
it will only bring destruction to your house
love only in the ruler of life.
The tears of winter fall cold and soft
upon the unlaid ghosts and hidden pains
let them go and look not down.
The past is gone as are the words of
promises spoken that were never been made of much
my love for you is true and endless.
Dream of me tonight nd embrace me in the morning.
I love you so much!

© Oct 8, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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