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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Time stood silently still and thought something amiss,
"We have forgotten something, but what?
We engulf all that was, is, and shall be...
but we've no way to express our essence..."
Time silently marched on for eons
No clue came forth to offer itself
Until one day they saw a light.
A pure soft glow like never known
It lit the expanse in a pulsing violet blue...
"What this?" thought Time, "What's this?"
And deep reflection proved naught.
They did watch this angel flit
From place to place through time.
She spoke of love and forgiveness
And help souls cleanse their hearts.
"That's it!" they said, "That's it!"
We need a voice. A voice to tell of Time.
They stood in awe of this tiny soul
This angel of mercy and light.
They listened to her tell the tales
Of mankind's spirit and soul.
Time stood silently still and thought it will be alright
"We've forgot nothing, we only thought, but naught!
We have an angel to express our thoughts.
Her name is ..."

© August 31,2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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