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Thursday, September 20, 2012


There is a whisper of something in the air...
a hint of love from a time long lost
There is a great price to pay...
but truth is the noblest of a cost...
Love comes through from many lives into this one,
it wraps around your soul.
It comes from somewhere deep within,
not mixed in the alchemist's bowl..
Looking within the memories’ well
At the life line leading into the dark
Feelings are energy …
Energy is a pathway…
Follow the feeling into the murky pool
When you tug on one tiny gossamer thread
of a feeling that originates in the past,
the surface disturbed offers a return of emotion,
images dance and the words then come.

Ages ago lost, this love was born,
through time tempered with tragedy,
tiny traces left in time, filters through the heart today.
There was tragedy too
I will not step into those webs of chaos
I shall dance upon the threads of evil so they may not catch.

The memories of tragedies scattered
like shells upon the beach…
The ebb and flow of hope
slowly returning them to the depths of the sea.

I laugh in the face of those who lie in wait
Waiting for one chance to steal the dreams
that live to breathe life
I, like you, can step into what we've lived through
from all of our life times...
I remember things we fought for and died for
Stepping into those part way… inspires a feeling
I have done battle with the best of them.
I have wielded forces also more powerful than a sword
and the might of muscle and sinew.
I remember although I am not proud of it.
Although it was evil…
I have destroyed.

©July 7, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic, featuring the elements of JLH

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