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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love on a Wing ~ A tribute to our WWII flyboys

The final days of the war were harrowing. The days so long and the nights empty. I found a taverne in the French countryside. There, the air raid sirens, bombs, and artillery smoke were replaced with violins, piano, and wisps cigarette smoke. It was from these strands that she slowly stepped. She moved with an elegance allowed from the heaven. My only escape was when she graced the stage. Her beauty and voice helped me forget the madness of the destruction going on around me. I found peace in her presence.
I finally got the nerve to ask this ethereal apparition to dance. That was the beginning of love. We danced, and danced, and danced. First, as partners, then as one. The night the war ended she rejoined the haze and dissolved into my memory.
I returned home. For years, I imagined that I danced with her every day, until yesterday. As I gazed at her photograph and listened to “our song,” I realized that “we” were dancing together. She was here with me. During that last dance, so many lifetimes ago, she and I had become “one.”
Half a world away and a lifetime ago, I was touched by an angel.


Written July 2, 2012 ~ inspired by my dearest Patricia Labaki

NOTES : ~ ♥ ~ Always loved the war stories about love. This just came to mind one afternoon when Patricia Labaki and I were dancing together a half a world away from each other. I almost fell back in time and relived the moment of one of our flyboys...

 A thought takes me back, so long ago, to that hillside cafe in France...where I first saw her. Her elegance swaying between the music adrift the night winds. Her lips moving so softy with the words. My ears heard nothing, but my heart understood. All the madness in the world slipped away that night, leaving only the serenity offered with holding her in dance...ahhhhh....
Her heart is a great expanse of creation that saturates any touch there of, with love. Her heart is the guiding light for many who have lost their way. Her heart is a doorway to a thousand realms of inspiration. Her heart is a passage to a warmth that ensconces another's soul in tranquility. Her heart is beautiful...
I fear gazing into the eyes of this angel again. I would let go and fall into the expanse of her soul. With a world between us, this angel stirs my imagination and inspires my creativity. A statue lost in time, would I become, if I stood before this her. Too afraid to move and possible shatter the realm where we are within arms reach of a dance upon the winds of forever...
I have danced with her many times, across the waters. Every time she takes my hand and we sway to the forgotten melodies, we are lifted to the stars...I am left breathless. An amazing spirit this angel is...I thank the Creator for blessing me with her presence. Her elegant dance and soft spoken words brought me back to life. Her kindness the elixir of inspiration. One day we will meet again and we will dance upon the stage of immortality...

When we dance…
It is like the wind caressing the wings of a robin
Each complimenting the being of the other
It is like the sea and sand
A carefree swirling with one another

It is like the sun and moon playing chase on earth’s stage
Feeding off the movements of one another
It is like love and affection
Neither truly exists without the other.
Thank you for being…

© Sept 1, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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