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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yesterday, sitting atop a rainbow gazing upon the beauty of the world,
I heard your cry, but it was dwarfed by the howling winds.
You tears offered perfect camouflage in the downpour of the heavens.
“Where are you?” I cried.
Only the banshee wind echoed in response.
I missed you, as my eyes traveled the earth.
I spread my wings and took to the cool spring winds in search of you.
Your beauty blended with the field of endless colors in which you sat.
I searched the world over for you.
I missed you, time and again.
Your sadness made me scream inside.
Your raging heartbeat but a whisper in the pounding rains.
I thought I’d lose my mind if I couldn’t quell your sadness.
Then I calmed myself and closed my eyes and listened with my heart…
And found you within my soul.

© April 8, 2011 DBC ~ Duke of the Arctic

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