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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My preoccupied poetess
Remembering our first life
You called out my name with love…
I heard you under another sky.

Oh my lovely Duchess
I the Duke of the Arctic
Do gently recall your soft skin…
I touched you under another sky.

Time brought us to an end
As we offered each other forever
And sealed it with a gentle brush…
I kissed you under another sky.

Did you hear me whisper?
“I love you, my lady.”
I saw you start and look my way…
I loved you under another sky

You sang and danced in moonlight
Swaying with the breeze
My phantom finger on you cheek…
I wanted you under another sky.

I was held under the darkness
Of a water painted wind
The Stygian waters threatening…
I needed you under another sky.

I saw you wish upon a star
And dream of finding me again
Your tears brought me to my knees…
I watched you under another sky.

Through the centuries I have search
And waited for you to show
We are together once again…
I’ll love you under another sky.

© May 17, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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