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Friday, September 7, 2012

Thought of the day...Sept 7th, 2012

What an amazingly unspiritual country we live in and claim to be the mightiest of all nations. At one time we were great. Then we got greedy and wasteful and lost sight of The Great Spirit. We let psychology infuse the science of lies, deception, and redirected blame into the mainstream. It poisoned the waters of sanctity. We allowed the government to steal our hope and dreams, only to have them s
ell them back to us after dilution at a bargained 1000000% profit margin for them.
What have we done? We must learn to save, assist others without expectations, forgive, accept people for who they are not what they might have done, and most of all...we must learn the spiritual side of love. Lust is is a challenge.
Prove the government wrong. Challenge yourself to govern yourself and kick Big Brother out of your personal business. Do not sell your soul to exist, keep it intact and live.

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