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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~ HELL ~

I promised you forever and you smiled. You lingered and played a while, and then wandered into the endless night leaving me behind. You deserted true love, and cast the fetters of pain upon me.

Being left alone on the shores of eternity is an existence of damnation. Abandonment poisons the body and mind, leads into a journey of sorrow and self doubt. It leaves one to dwell in the shadows and creates illusions of a twisted reality. In memories, solitude can snare a man in these thoughts and trap him in an endless dream of torment. One cannot outrun memories, especially those steep in the emotion of love. These tormenting thought become demons and shred the soul.

Oh, help me? Please? Gods of old, take my heart and cast it into the Forge of Vulcan. Temper it to a constant resistance of love, a strength not easily scratched by the temptation of amour. Deafen my ears to the soft words of the Siren. Blind me to the beauty of woman. Remove the scent from the rose, so not to seduce my senses. I will wandering the ether world until succour is embraced.

Charon, let me drink from the River Styx. Let me forget...

© April 18, 2011 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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