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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zombies in straw houses tending sheep

It is difficult to snap out of the zombie brainwash of the secular ideologies that have been infused into the mortal conscience since the dawning of commerce. Most are stuck in their rut (which is just a grave with ramps cut in), and find it easier to go with the flow. The subconscious seeds that were planted throughout their lives are screaming, "If you speak against the government, you are treasonous. We are all Amerikans and we will take care you. Trust your government." Bah! I have been behind the curtain and seen atrocities that most sheeple are unable to even comprehend. Their worst nightmares are sugar coated compared to what I have SEEN with my eyes. As I said, if they wish to play ostrich and hope all will be sunny tomorrow, I will still be here tomorrow when their straw house gets blown down.

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