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Monday, November 19, 2012


Are there mortal words to describe such beauty? Yes, but they elude modern comprehension. Beauty such as this has not been seen for ages, hence the tongue's inability to create such melodic descriptions. Long ago, the world was filled with such elegance, but mankind transformed love into lust. Desire to greed. Passion to violence. Creation halted such inspiration. Mankind pined for its return. Our Creator hesitated in allowing perpetuation. In the stead, an occasional gift is bestowed mankind to spark inspiration, but all understanding and description are lost in the beauty of the rising and setting of the sun, the blooming and aroma of the rose, the perfection of a bird's sweet song, the magic of a butterfly kissing a bloom. All of these things combined are near the idea, but the grace of the tongue's dance with words to lend verbal enchantment to this majestic touch of awe is lost. Your beauty is divine.

© Nov 17, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
NOTE: photo courtesy of PL

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