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Sunday, November 18, 2012


My Sunday started wonderful. A cool breeze brushing my skin with the sun's warmth stabbing through in chosen places, birds singing back and forth trying to find a chorus to agree upon, shadows of butterflies dancing upon the walls, and a whisper of a rose upon the wind...mmmmm....

Another wonderful day of inspiration is upon me. The strange, yet wonderful, blanket that shrouds me is the fact that I am in the city, but all the beauty I mentioned above quiets the raging sounds of cars, commerce, and convenience. Cloud nine is my writing throne.

When you have an endless inkwell, filled with the tears, passions, and hope of a beautiful woman...inspiration and creativity is endless and boundless...

Prepare the parchment, love is the quill spreads this ink for all to share...

What is life, if not love? For pure hearts and the learned, from the moment of conception, love is the factor. Love creates. Love lives, love breathes, and love transfers. Love never dies. Love is a communicable condition. If you love someone or something enough, it will love you back. As you spread love, it grows exponentially. Don't believe it? I challenge you to commit to the theory and try it out for a month. Take notes, minus the mind's prefabricated ideologies of what you think love has done to you in the past.

Now, I must clarify: there is a difference between love and lust. Love is a pure heart full of love; love is a touching of hands, a careless dance, a brushing of lips, passion spoken without a sound, tears of happiness, a gentle embrace, or being perfectly at peace in the presence of another. Lust is an empty mind desiring to be filled with the promise of any of these intoxicating phenomenon that is observed in  the behavior of others lost in any of the aforementioned activities. Lust is the need to be loved; it is the hollow, lonely, cold, barren streets of desolation and abandonment. Lust is an empty beaker that only needs to be filled with love. Real love.

Unfortunately, too many believe that all they have is a glassful. Thank you modern day society for this false illusion! In actuality, we all possess an endless carafe full of unconditional love. The more we share, the more is shared with us. Picture this: you are at a party serving drinks, not government Koolaid, but a love tonic. As you wander around the room you notice some laughing and sharing their pitcher of juice. Then there are those hiding in the corner just holding onto their pitcher. Which would you feel more inclined to refill and join for a drink? The people that are sharing and using the love given. Lesson learned?

I know that few that read this actually need it. My friends and family are full of love. It was written because I am a vessel to script as the thought flow through me. Perhaps I will print copies and pass them out on the street. Have a beautiful rest of the day.

Peace, love, hope, and inspiration to all....

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