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Sunday, November 25, 2012

An offering of Hope...

For all those hiding in the shadows and embracing specters of doubt; I offer a threshold, so to speak, into the realm of spirituality and faith. I do not speak of the god that has been twisted and corrupted by secular and spiritual ideological fanatics. I do not infer that there in only my interpretation of a god. All faiths are bases on the foundation of love. Love is the primary and repeated com
mand in all faiths. Each faith has a god. Each faith call him by different names. Each faith and culture speaks a different language. So, is it possible that our understanding and representations will differ slightly? Any person of the slightest of wisdom will agree with this. It is fact and has been proven time and again. So, I say we all rest and embrace peace and love and listen to Blaise Pascal, "Why not believe in God? If you believe and you turn out to be wrong, you haven't lost anything. But if you don't believe and you turn out to be wrong, you lose everything. Isn't believing the safer bet?"

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