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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rough draft for the introduction to "MY INSPIRATION"

Since the dawn of time and the recognition of beauty in this world, mankind has attempted to harness and recreate such etherealness through various forms of art. Michael Angelo had his sculpting hands to create a masterpiece of love, Leonardo DaVinci and his paints left the world a masterpiece,
Wagner composed, in accordance with Fibonacci, to offer the memory of a queen to forever, Shakespeare mastered the poetic language
of the heart and soul and bound it in a moment of never-ending love, but the perfect literary texture has yet to be created…
I feel it has fallen upon my shoulders to intimately introduce ink to parchment, and try to combine a mental mesh of all the Masters’ talents to express your beauty and grace to the keepers of eternity. I pray to the Creator that I do not fall short of grace, in my attempt to recreate his finest piece of art.
I also pray that you, my inspiration, never feels unworthy of any verbal jewel that I use to adorn your essence for the trip to immortality.
Angelo gave the world David in all his power and glory.
DaVinci offered Mona Lisa to time everlasting…
Wagner revered the Queen of Sheba for all to understand her elegance
And Shakespeare made all men pine for the love of their own Juliet…
I shall attempt to present you to the world in such splendor…

© Nov 1, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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