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Friday, November 16, 2012

Enlightened Ones?

I am amazed and confused at the same time. So many tell you to: "Forget the past. Get over it. It is gone. Don't look back." And then they end their affirmations with something of their past in the same vein. I don't get it? Did your speaking of something bring their focus back to their "experience," and their tutorial is a quick wall to shield the memory in their mind? I used to have someone close to me tell me all the time to forget my ex,"A," and in the same breath he would rage on about his step daughter, "B". I wasn't angry, just talking. He was upset and very emotional when speaking of "B." It's the old "Do what I say, not what I do." OR the more recent, "Take my advice, I'm obviously not using it."

I see so many "enlightened" individuals speak of forgiveness and love and then see curse someone in anger minutes later. And then they claim, "I am only human." OR "Can't I have an off day?" I guess they can, but others can't. It seems being ascended is not all it is cracked up to be, it tends to bring posers out of the woodwork. And they do love to brag. It seems some are just professionals at "hiding" their stuff, they never really get over it either. And it usually stays hidden until it is need for an example, which only they are allowed to give. I had one tell me, "I am not out to try and heal anyone. I speak my mind and people can like it or go somewhere else." Really? What a loving soul. Then why are you in it? Sounds like a scam artist to me.

And then there are those that think the rest of us are stupid or blind. Yeah, they have some of the crowd fooled, but not me. I see right through them. I lived with a master manipulator/liar/deceiver for 13 years. I just act dumb to see how far someone will try and get over. I feel the deceit dripping from every pore of their essence. I love them and pray for them, but they will only change when they love themselves and want to change.

Yes, there are good ones out there. There are great people with words of wisdom and heart of gold. But there are also wolves in sheep's attire. Be careful before you give whole-heartedly into another's philosophy. I would suggest creating your own ideologies based on the best of the best and set your own standards. We might be ONE in the Universal sense, but remember..."You came into this world by yourself and you will leave it by yourself." So do something positive and worthy of yourself! Be remembered as a truthful, ethical, and loving being. Not a lying, manipulating, deceitful fool.

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