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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Advice for young writers

 Keep stretching those wings and taking to different skies! The more diversity you experience, the deeper the day and night becomes! The deeper the day and night become, the easier the words will flow. Rhyme and reason are for young writers. Iambic pentameter flows smoothly, but free verse is universally harmonic! Both styles are loved and revered! And although iambic pentameter is easier to write, readers feel more in tune with free verse. It is perfect in creation, but seldom in rhythmically without flaw.  Much like our mortality. 
  Every writer is still learning and perfecting the craft. The greats are usually not recognized until postmortem lividity has come and gone and there is little left but bone dust . I believe one day you will be a great writer. That is why I tend to suggest you attempt new things. It is like going to a gym. The workouts include exercising ALL body parts. Same in writing. Explore all the emotions and fill each inkwell with experience. Immerse yourself in an emotion when you write. Become that moment or object you are writing about. Feel it exist.

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