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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Memories of sand...

I used to imagine a beautiful lady dancing in the sand. Her colorful fabrics and hair blowing in the wind; elegance set aglow by the sun and moon. Hypnotic melodies from long lost masters touch my ears, painting the air with the harmonic sounds of dreams.
The childhood illusion has given way to reality, but the lady dances in lit halls of ivory before crowds instead of Sultans. Starlight has become spotlight and hints of music now orchestral. But through all the changes in time and space, her exotic intoxication remains.
I need not 1001 nights, but a single moment to embrace fate, and brush her lips with mine.

My Tyrian queen adorned in silk,
sways to the desert world.
Shimmers in the sun’s eye
like the rarest of gems.
Her little smiles and whispered affections,
like nectar of the gods.
They put thunder in my blood,
and a challenge in my soul.
There are a thousand stars in the night,
a million diamonds in lost mines.
But there is only one she,
I seek to find her heart.
All languages known and many long forgotten
do not contain the words I need.
To paint her forever in the skies
a testament to the Heavens.

© Nov 24, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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