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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have a question for all the lovers of classic art; music, poetry, painting, etc. The question is for those that seriously understand the connection between the artist and their subject. The bond of trust, respect, and admiration evolves; a sacred chord that resonated between the two souls, forever.
Both artist and subject expose their inner being to each other. The artist offers his raw spirit to be engulfed and tries his best to create a worthy representation of the subject. In turn, the subject allows herself to be ensconced within his scrutiny and puts her heart and soul into his trust.
A true ethereal relationship between an artist and subject develops over time. This is how a masterpiece comes into existence. Am I correct, or have I deluded myself with the hazy teachings of secular and religious ideologies? Is there less of a relationship, or more of a spiritual bond? Have I narrowed the margin of truth to a mere paragraph? If not, I must return to the classics and reevaluate my understanding. If so, I beg the question: Is it morally and ethically proper for an artist to fall in love with his subject?

NOTE: photos are random finds on the internet

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