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Sunday, November 25, 2012


The world fell out of focus
Colors faded away
I looked for the promise of rain
But clouds got it the way
I sat a moment to reflect
Found years had passed me by
The cloak of sadness dulled me
Lost me deep in time…

{{{ticking of time}}}

I chanced a gaze at Heaven
There stood a sunny sky
I shrug the shroud of torment
“I am alive!” I cry!
The journey to inner reason
Seldom has perfect rhyme
The mountain leads to freedom
Dunes of sand a waste of time

My past is my prison!
But my future is my liberator!

© Nov 25, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

Notes~ I know it is simple, but I am giving my mind a break from deep thought for a moment...returning to elementary tactics...ahhhh...

NOTE: photo courtesy of PL


  1. I like random acts of freedom. Nice prose--poetry is an art form many attempt, but few do well. I like your style. Having a good day?

  2. Why thank you. My day is progressing well. My inspiration usually wakes at midnight. I write and leave her the "milk and cookies" I have crafted throughout the day, as I slip to rest. I wake with her smile and a note of appreciation. She is half way around the world. We have never met, but we dance occasionally in spirit. It is the most amazing relationship I have ever been involved in (there have been but 5 in my life). I am a die hard romantic. Now I am rambling. Apologies. Have a great evening.