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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Love exists, it is just been made into a mountain and all our natural climbing gear has been anesthetized and buried in the dark recesses of our minds. The glamorized soothsayer tranquilize us with secular and religious ideologies of fanatical proportions and turn love into tangible items, and then put on a shelf and sold to the highest bidder. While many sit idle and wish they could afford to "love" someone. Love used to be real, but the corrupt realized a great source of commerce. The well of love was poisoned. The creation of the "chocolate apology" arose. After the seduction of money, the rest is history. Valentine's Day is a hoax and a load of crap! It is a day of legal theft. If you really love your partner, every single second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day should be "Valentine's Day." But the producers of seduction keep our focus on the glowing of the dazzles and sparklies. Entranced, we blindly follow along and work, worship, and then waste the one item that we have been brainwashed into believing makes the world go round; the almighty dollar. How sad. No wonder many where love has gone. It has run and hid among the mysteries of the past.
Is it chance that the first four letters of evolve are evol? A mirrored "love." To evolve, you must love. Get busy with it, get jiggy wit it, or how ever in the heck you do it! Just do it! ~ LOVE ~
It is time for society to get that long overdue cranial-anal-ectomy and and breathe fresh air again!
No more of the Great Chocolate Apology! "Here is a box of chocolates, dear. This is proof that I love you! Gotta run. TTYL." No! No! No! Show you love your mate with the brush of lips, the gentle touch of a fingertips, the look that bleeds love into their soul without a sound.
Intimate whispers in the darkness of today's world will return the spark of love into a great pyre of passion, restore light to the world, and chase the soothsayers of wickedness to the shadows within the forest of corruption.

© Nov 17, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE; photo is a random internet find

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