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Friday, November 23, 2012

ART, in and of itself

The great thing about art in any form, is that there are two sides. The outside which is felt by the observer. They allow it to permeate the soul. Then experience a moment caught in time by someone else. It takes them back to a precise moment in their life. The artist has touched magic in the observer.
The other side is the inside. The perspective of the creator. The artist touches "magic" within themselves and lets it transform into an expression which is then shared. The artist places feeling within this masterpiece to stir emotions and the ashes of forgotten dreams in others lives. The artist offers a piece of his very existence in every piece of work.
There is really no "host and symbiont" relationship in art.  The relationship is mutually beneficial. Without the observer, artists would have less reason to seek out that internal gift; without the artist, the observers would forget the sweetness of life.
The perspective differs in each if us and that is what makes mankind so unique. I don't want to be a replica and I don't want to be replicated. I want to be an individual that offer my uniqueness to the world. I want to see the individuality in each person I meet. Walk with me. Let your magic touch my essence and let mine touch you. After all, we are ONE.

NOTE: photo is a random internet find

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