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Monday, December 10, 2012

You and I

The Elysian Fields shall be our arena this eve. A heaven, an earth, a field of harmony. The soft zephyr winds will sing of the old gods, interpret our dance, and whisper the forgotten notes of love. We will sway with the flowers and fly with the Fae. We will leave a trace of our love in our wake and give the immortals something new to contemplate. They will rewrite the books when they discover a new tenderness. They will shed tears and cleanse the wicked. Sages of old will reach for their wither and cracked quills to start anew chapter in the story of love. Mankind will be given redemption. We will offer a new meaning of love.
We will sit at the edge of the stream of Okeanos, and tempt Zeus with peddles as we disturb the pure waters. The mirror will quiver and sparkle in rhythm as we laugh and love in the flowers of truth.
Rhadamanthus will come seeking your beauty and I will rush him away. My queen is my love, my life, and my soul. We are one forever more. I shall be intoxicated and write of our love upon the rings of Saturn, and chisel my oath in the ice rings of Neptune. Sol himself fails to burn as hot as my soul since your touch.

© Dec 10, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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