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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Sitting here in the dark, only the ghostly hum of household life pollutes the harmonic textures of Mozart that waif through the air like tendrils of smoke longing to cross the auditory threshold and lift me into a melodic state of heaven.
The multicolored mood lighting emanates from a seasonally dressed tree awaiting tinsel to grant it a silver headdress. Marching soldiers and ballerinas dance among the strands.
How peaceful. The cool draft from the chilly outside night slithers across the marble tiles: reaches and grabs my feet for a moment and then vanishes to reappear again in moments for another strike. I believe hot tea is in the cue. Could a cup of chamomile be the serum that removes the toxin of bitter cold from my toes? Ha ha! Comfort would only arrive with tilt of a hand. Focus on ink.
I settle in to write. My inkwells are moist, my quills stand ready, and my parchment beckons. Let us begin the journey into the moment.
As the violins caress my soul, I am reminded of your gentle laugh. The flutes turn to whispers of “I love you,” as the brass cries out in passion. I found you in the music, elements of you beauty reside in such classics.
I gaze into the kaleidoscope pin-picks of light that seep through the darkness and enter my consciousness. The blues reminds me of the sky that offers the oldest of love stories. Luna and Sol in the endless game of seek. The red becomes the tail-lights of so many cars I followed and fell into their trance; wondering if you’d ever be beside me as I slipped into the night. White dots become the stars under which I long to hold you close. The green and orange light the stage for the soldier and ballerina that waltz around the tree; trapped within their own existence longing to be freed A kiss from their counterpart would grant them a life together. Forever dancing arm in arm around the tree or laying side by side in a mostly forgotten dark box.
The ice vipers that strike my feet remind me I am alive and vulnerable to many things. The elements, stampeding elephants, and emotions. All are bearable and capable of being fended off for ages except emotions. The empty ache of solitude snaps me back to the present.
The longer my senses are teased and heightened; my thoughts of you become clearer.  Why are we worlds apart? To offer the glimmer of hope to a life of love that is seldom seen? To set before us the mystery of language long lost? To send us seeking the missing piece of the puzzle of ethereal love? Yes! Yes! Yes! To quell to beast of passion’s urgent roar and dull it to a sensuous whisper that trusts and tames the soul.
Yessssssssssssss. I love you.

© Dec 11, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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