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Sunday, December 23, 2012


As the evening breeze carries dreams into the ethereal, I am left thinking of you.
You are far away, and the thought of you is all I hold this evening. I cherish this as if this thought my last breath, as a king that has only his most valuable gem to represent his realm, as if a dancer lifted on high with the shout of “encore!” at final curtain.
The haunting memory of your kiss echoes thru my soul, and reminds me of the depth of our love. Its wisps reach throughout this great expanse in its entirety, and slowly ease into every crevasse of our existence as if a fog engulfing a valley. In doing so, it stirs the sacred rites and ancient ideals of the fires of passion. I relive caressing your beautiful face with my eyes closed to insure a memory and solidify your features in my mind and heart. Tonight the air is like canvass and my fingers a feather-brush that creates one memory at a time until all that is before me is your face. But this is not yet enough to quell my desire.
The tingle in my spirit, as I remember your touch, inspires me to reach deeper into the night. I step to the edge and prepare for the fall. I remember the first fall, the first kiss, the first dance. I remember each moment. My being was caressed with your breath as you quietly whispered *♪ ♫ *♪ ♫ *I love you*♪ ♫ *♪ ♫ *
The flutter of my heart, as I hear the words you softly spoke so long ago, grants me wings and lifts me into the night and carries me to our island of dance. We are together again.
I love gazing upon your ageless features, the reflection of starlight in your eyes, the way you fit perfectly into my arms, the beckoning of your parted lips, and the floral essence rising from your flawless skin. I'm in trance!
Do you realize how enchanting you truly are? Walk with me to the mirrored sea and gaze upon your beauty. Startling, is it not? Truly angelic. You are the center of all that is harmonic, ethereal, and lovely. Creation perfected nature within your existence. All exoticness flows from you.
I am now content with my thoughts of you. I have told you all within my heart. Shall we dance, m’lady?

© Dec 23, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: photo is a random internet find

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