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Saturday, December 22, 2012

THE MADNESS OF GENIUS - Religion (excerpt from chapter 6)

 “God Is My Copilot.” I never understood the title of this book. As I sit and listen to the church and state bicker over “rights of individuality,” I wonder where it all began and why. If one is to submit to the will of the Biblical God, why just allow Him the co-pilot chair? Should we not let this omnipotent being lead our life? Keeping God as a copilot is using the Divine as a safety net. Not good from any point of rational thinking.
It all returns to the popular, “I’ll keep Jesus hanging around my neck, in case of an emergency.”
In all my years of religious immersion, I have met a handful of TRULY pious individual. I am in awe when in there presence. They have truly touched the crown of our Creator. Not one of them follows any form of manmade religion, yet all have a thread to the Creator. On the other hand; most that I have had intimate conversation with that belong to a labeled ideology are quite deluded and set in their twisted ways. Their social-induced stupor is not their fault, but their refusal to awaken after a shake from sleep IS.
The fire, brimstone, and gnashing of teeth terrified me more than inspire me to become a saint. The Protestant sermons slowly evolved into Stephen King-like nightmares. As I gazed upon all creation, I saw “demons” running amok and destroying awe and innocence. All the while, they were informing me how to be righteous. Confusion brewed a hurricane in my cup of tea. My search for the eye of the storm began.
Some are so blinded by the miasmic curtain of Immaculate Conception and flashy display gold, frankincense, and myrrh that they truly believed in the divine right of the church over the true word of our Creator. I do not believe that one can buy their way into paradise. Indulgences have slowly morphed into the more elegant word; tithes. Both are beasts of evil that breathe the ravages of guilt in the souls of the masses. That is the madness of genius; the wolf in the sheep’s attire, leading the flock to an unknown destination that changes with each self-proclaimed ruling family.
The idea of predestination, as it has been twisted, is another dragon that scorches the landscape of the soul. John Calvin interpreted biblical predestination to mean that God willed eternal damnation for some people and salvation for others. How can a God of love knowingly create and condemn a portion to eternal damnation? In all that I have learned and filtered through the wisdom of the elders; that seems pretty psychotic to me. If this God was given a psychological evaluation, I believe heavy sedation would be the prescription for such sociopathic thoughts and all prophetic notions would be dissolved into the ethereal realm.
Prophesies are the “means” planted in the subconscious mind and lead the masses to an end. Religious and secular ideologies change with each ruling empire; not only to justify the actions of the church and state, but to also expand and redefine the evils of the times. The masses have had their eyes of reason poked out with the red-hot poker of subjugation. Obey or be ostracized. Graze in the field of ignorance, under the watchful eye of the Sheppard, or find the blade of deceit disguised as truth in the slaughterhouse. The choice is simple; give in and give up.
Decades of pilfering various thoughts from manuscripts of faith and religion have left me with one, and only one, thought. The foundation of existence can only be discovered, seeded, nurtured, and matured through LOVE. Trust is the make up of this perfect atmosphere of truth. They say “One can love without trust, but cannot trust without love.” I believe this to be another falsification of thought. Love IS trust and vice versa; complete unwavering symbiotic entities that compliment one another. 
The polluted minds and souls of the masses have destroyed far more in the name of religion than any other reason. Salvation and healing lay near death in the streets of religious ideologies. The genius of madness is to extract one’s tormented soul from this stage of misconceptions and rejoin the freedom of unthinking programmed thoughts and return to the great expanse of love.
Yes, there are a few ideologies that preach hate, but one must remember that hate is part of love. Hate is the corrupted offspring of love. Hate is not natural. Love is natural. Hate is chosen, desired, wanted out of despair. When one hates, it is because one feel unloved, less than ONE with the universe. I have been to the top of Corporate Amerika and lived in the streets (by choice). I have walked with and talked with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. The one thing that all mankind has in common is the need to feel needed, wanted, loved. If one does not feel this, the heart withers and hate fills the soul. Many use hate as a shield to push away love because someone or something has made them feel less than human. Love can return light to a heart. The Creator is everything. The Creator is the ocean. We, as mortals, are scattered drops of the ocean. Like rain we will find our way back to the ocean.

 © Dec 22, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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