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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dark vs light

There was a time when I thought darkness would overtake light. Each day I sat in dread and knew the night would eventually quell the light. I gave in and accepted the dark as being prevalent. I grew morose and melancholy. I lost hope.
Each day I would sit and watch the darkness hide under my bed and in corners. I would…wait! The darkness was hiding from the light! The day I noticed this I stated watching and wondering. Could I have been wrong? Could it be the opposite? Could the light of day come and vanquish the darkness of night?
During the night, I saw no light hiding anywhere! I saw the tiniest of light screaming and tearing through the darkness! A million stars poking holes in the fabric of the night sky! A flashlight stabbing through the veil of night! A television hissing its light through the quietness of a room full of night. I was wrong!
Light is triumphant! There are no dark spots in the days sky called “srats.” A beam of light can temporarily be blocked, but a shadow is permanently silenced by light!
I had found hope again! I began to understand that I had been allowing the illusion to win the mind games. No more! The light will always make the dark hide under a bed, behind a bookcase, or in an abandoned corner! Darkness falls, the light rises!

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