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Monday, December 3, 2012

The little things

The secret of all the little things; when one gets taken or forgotten, there are plenty more to reflect on and enjoy. If all you have is a big moment to focus on; when it is gone, there is nothing but a void.
The little things are the important things in life. Be happy with many little victories, they soften the heart and add colors to love. The big thing hardens the heart and shadows love.
A nightly thought from little ol' me.

NOTE: photo is a random internet find


  1. This is very inspirational and true :) I think I focus too much on the big things. Thanks for this today.

  2. Glad to be of service, m'lady. I think at one time or another, we all tend to focus on the big things. We worry so much about the week, that the seconds tend to slip away and pleasures are lost and forgotten.