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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Uncivilizing the mission

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been driven by sex and violence. History has proven this, via manuscript and word of mouth, time and again. After thousands of years, a few individuals got together to speak for the enlightened ones. They
had an idea to suppress sex and violence with a new mental tactic called commerce. The “civilizing mission” was now underway. The strong saw this as a threat, but could not stop its momentum. They joined the parade, but were scheming all the while, and eventually realized that even the strongest of mankind could be seduced and shackled with minimal effort; sex and violence. They called themselves "The Elite." Slowly they crippled the intoleration of perversion and violence by painting a pretty face on it and selling it back to the public as “someone else’s crime. Hollywood flourished. The twisted and corrupt realized that mankind’s dark side could be stirred with a little “innocent” thinking. While they sat at the bank and counted the monies they has manipulates out of the hard working family, we sat at home thinking, “If I watch someone else commit adultery or murder, it is not a crime.” Society failed to realize that the self proclaimed rulers were actually setting society up for its greatest fall; the failure of spirituality. The government outlawed sex and violence, yet sold it at 100 times fair market value via the silver screen. This created a system of “do what I say, not what I do.” The corrupt knew it would eventually filter into the blood of mankind and return our bloodlust. Now commerce revolves around sex and violence, and the once fair act of trade became a vile creature called greed. We slept with the enemy and contracted their disease. But the quiet that have been observing for years, are now realizing that a new “awakening” period is needed. The darkness must be dispelled. The spiritual are now seeded and growing. We are entering a new period. The Reawakening Era is upon us. We must fight as never before. Not a violent fight, but on of intellect and spirit. We will win. Perhaps not in this lifetime, but we can begin the battle for the sake of our children and their children. Even the mighty lion falls to an army of ants. It has begun…
© Oct 30, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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