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Saturday, October 13, 2012

THE MADNESS OF GENIUS (book introduction)


This book has been a lifetime in the making. I have lived through the maelstrom of madness and genius. They are inseparable. They are actually one in the same. Both must be controlled or the mind is lost to infinity.
It has been said that only one thought may be in the mind at any given second. That is a falsehood. I have thousands of thoughts/voices rushing simultaneous through my mind every second of every day and all night. Sometimes I am unable to sleep.  As a child, it was unnerving and kept my focus from any particular point. Today, they call that ADHD, and keep the pharmaceutical conglomerates in business by peddling stimulants and depressants to children and adults. I was lucky enough to have a childhood before such atrocities were daily rituals.
It took many years and much attention to learn to weave a pattern from the cascading flow of thoughts that poured over the precipice of my thought processes and turn them into a rope of salvation that kept me from plummeting to the bottom of the waterfall of intelligence and imagination. I hung on for dear life, precariously for decades. Eventually, I learned that the waters in creation were not meant to be feared, but enjoyed. I let go of the self-made sanctuary and learned to fly. The more I ventured in my mind, the more I learned. Little is impossible, once you set your mind to it.
To quote a wise man, Albert Einstein,  that explored more of his mind than most, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Therein lays the madness of genius. As a society we are tossed in the endless seas of accepted knowledge: mathematics, language, cultural studies, and a plethora of other peoples’ ideologies. All the while, they refuse to teach you how to think for yourself and to nurture your own creativity. The ability for the upper echelons to make a dollar off of you if exponentially diminished, the more you use your own abilities to create and think for yourself. Letting the seed of your own creativity flourish and feed your insight is the madness of genius.

© Oct 13, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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