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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today's lesson in writing

Today is Sunday. Sol-day. Soul-day. A day to reflect on the core of existence. So, I thought we could practice our ability to immerse ourselves into being. Sit back a moment and feel "life." Not just the chance of "existing," but feel your heart beating, lungs breathing, blood flowing, brain working. Experience you for a moment. Forget the world. Close your eyes for a few moments and open your soul.
I am guessing we all have reopened our eyes. we shall begin our journey into "becoming." We will allow ourselves to exist as something else. We will experience life as something other than ourselves. It will enhance our abilities to describe creation and existence as we write. Are you ready?
I will explain the exercise and then you practice at your leisure. Read the entire exercise before you close your eyes.
EXERCISE 1: Pick something your wish to know more about; a bird, a tree, a rock. Look at it. Study it's aesthetics. Watch it exist for a while. Now, close your eyes. Find and feel it's perimeter. Confine yourself to that space. Discover the heartbeat and breathing of this subject. If it has none, feel it's density.
For the rest of this exercise; I will work it as a bird, to give you an idea of how it is done.
Move you shoulders a bit and feel the wings on your back. Relax and know that flying is as effortless to a bird as walking is for humans. Feel the breeze blow and let yourself rise upon the currents.  The wind that carries you is warm  and relaxing. All of your human worries are gone. As you drop the weight of mortal worried, you rise higher and higher. Soon you can feel the breeze caressing your entire body. You are moving thru the sky with ease. You can see for miles and miles. Peacefulness settles in as you soar above mortality. Fly as long as you like.
Just remember to occasionally flap your wings (shoulders) and feel the etherealness of being something other than human. Appreciate the essence of "being." No other life form has this capability...

NOTE: You can implement the atmosphere with a fan, audio of wind and birds, floral aromas, etc...anything to assist in your transformation....

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