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Saturday, October 27, 2012

THE MADNESS OF GENIUS - The Individual (excerpt from chapter 3)

Life itself is the course in which one learns to develop many things, to include: free thinking, beliefs, hope, and awe. As one grows, darkness teaches the individual to form a shell around one’s innocence. The haze of corruption condoned by modern practices is often recognized by the genius within the madness; and in the process of self-preservation, this armor is regularly extended around the heart, minds, and spirits. The individual then becomes an automaton; believing everything the media serves and bowing before those that script the insanity. Free thinking becomes redirected into the arena of current secular ideologies; the individual learns to become a sheep and follow the flock over the cliff of conformity or face possible ostracization into oblivion.

Magic was alive and well in childhood, not just within this generation or the last. In fact, magic has been around since the beginning of time. When anything that seems impossible occurs, it is magic. When something makes the individual feel that incredible lightness of being, that is magic. Childhood was filled with moments of such awe. Watching a caterpillar cocoon and become a flying masterpiece of beauty was magic. Looking up into the sky as a meteor shower set the night on fire, that was magic. Seeing every other child as an equal; no matter their color, religion, height, weight, or any noticeable difference was magic. Diversity was awesome. As the controlling factions realized that hope and magic was still burning in the hearts of many, they decided to market them with the idea that the majority would rather pay for government allotted magic and hope in the stead of fighting for self induced freedoms. The peoples took the bait.

Then secular ideologies of dominance and control yoked and enslaved the spirit to the ideas that dream were just dreams. Wrong. Dreams have power. Belief has power. Faith has power. Individuality has the power. One must forget before one can remember. There it is, the word the rulers resent: ONE. Think for the singularity within. Only the self knows what is good for the great expanse within the soul of the corporeal being it is bonded with. The government has stripped the masses of individuality and hung the golden harness of self deprecation around the necks of society, which is taken with modesty and carried with pride under the illusion that the powers that be are generous and do no harm to those that carry the world upon their shoulders.

Alongside the falsification that thinking for oneself is a crime, society has also been led to believe that any deviation from said “normal,” is an aberration and needs to medicate. Whether it is self induce via alcohol or illegal drugs, or prescribed medication; the masses line up in groves to feed this addiction created by the government to control the individual. Illegal drugs are made available, with a shroud of mystery surrounding the alleged “war on drugs.” This creates a steady supply of criminals, addicts, fear, and the supposition of more law enforcement. Thus, more control and less freedom.

Society is afraid to dream for itself. It now visits the local seller of dreams, and offers hard earned monies to pay for preconceived notions of fantasy created in a factory. Imagination has been left at the gallows.

© Oct 27, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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